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4D Baby Scans


With my first pregnancy I decided to pay for a private 4D baby scan I selected the package where you got to take home photos and a 15 minute DVD. This cost £175. It was a lovely experience and really interesting seeing the baby so clearly compared to our previous NHS scans.

Was it worth £175 in my opinion? Maybe not, depends on how much spare money you have at the time really, as this was our first baby we had all the costs of buying a cot, car seat, pram etc so money was tight. Although I enjoyed the experience and found it interesting, I found looking at my friends pictures who also had a 4D scan done they looked pretty similar and when my baby was born I didn’t really feel looking back that I could really tell it was him. If you are doing it just for the experience and have the money spare I would recommend it but if you are hoping to get a look at what your baby will look like it may be a bit overpriced in my opinion at a time when you have a lot to buy.

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