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Oscar Christmas 2015

Family Christmas Day 2015

Oscar Christmas 2015

We decided this year to have Christmas Day on our own at home just as our little family of 3, and then go to family on Boxing Day. This would be our first year at home for Christmas Day as previously we had always gone to family. But we decided that this year Oscar would be old enough that he could eat Christmas dinner with us and play with his new toys etc, so it would be nice not to have to travel to family.

We had decided to buy a new house in September, we didn’t end up completing till 8th December so we literally moved into our new house 3 weeks before Christmas. So instead of the usual lead upto Christmas, watching Christmas films, writing cards, Christmas shopping, putting up decorations etc we spent it mostly unpacking boxes! We did manage to put the Christmas tree up and decorate it, and put our Christmas wreath on the front door, but that was really if for the decorations!

Christmas Eve after Oscar had gone to bed we brought all the presents we had hidden down into the living room ready for the morning for him.

Christmas Day Oscar woke up at his usual 6.30am so we all came downstairs and went into the living room. He was so excited! He kept running around the living room pointing to all the presents! He loved ripping the paper off the presents and was so excited about his new toys, we set them up and he started playing with them.

We all went and had breakfast and then he went back to open more presents.

For our Christmas Dinner we decided not to have the traditional Turkey as we were going to be having that on Boxing Day with family so we decide to have Lamb Guard of Honour, which was so yummy. Oscar enjoyed the potatoes and gravy.

We had a lovely quiet relaxing family day where Oscar got time to play with his new toys which he loved, so was a perfect first Christmas in in our new home.

Check out my video of our Christmas Day


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  1. A wonderful job. Super helpful inimtoarfon.

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