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Pregnancy 1st trimester

My Pregnancy First Trimester My Story and My Symptoms

Pregnancy 1st trimester

My cycle always varied by a few days so I could never be totally accurate with when my period was due. My period was about a week late but this could be normal for me so I thought nothing of it. The reason I decided to do a pregnancy test was because I had been feeling really tired, which was totally not like me, and feeling like I had no energy yet I had slept well etc, so was no reason for it. I took a cheap pregnancy test which showed positive, and then I went out and bought a clearblue digital test which also showed positive, and told me I was 2-3 weeks pregnant.

I didn’t really get any symptoms until week 7 of pregnancy when the morning sickness kicked in. My nausea was always worse in the mornings but I would get it during the day and the evening too. My nausea gradually got worse weeks, 8, 9 and 10 and then started to ease off a little week 11 and 12.My nausea was quite intense for about a month, mornings being the worst where I would feel like I needed to be sick and was hard to ensure I kept food and water down. I was also very sensitive to smell, and so many strong smells would make me feel nausea, even somebody eating meat flavoured crisps next to me for example. I also was really fussy on what I could eat went off vegetables and meat, just wanted carbs like pasta and potatoes.

Nausea was really my main problem for the First Trimester of Pregnancy. I didn’t want to take any medication for it, but I found the following natural remedies and products really helped to ease my nausea and sickness.


I found anything with real ginger in really helped. My favourites were crystallised stem ginger, although I’m not actually a fan of ginger normally, this did really work for me, but I could only eat a couple at a time. I also used to have ginger biscuits with me at all times to nibble on through the day, and another favourite was Jamaica Ginger cake occasionally but only a small slice.

Travel Sickness Bands

I wore these every day but did not sleep with them. I think that they helped with nausea.

Plain Biscuits

I used to keep a box of plain rich tea fingers beside my bed and every morning before I got out of bed I would eat a couple to line my stomach before I started moving around and I found this helped me to not be sick when I first got up.


I had two favourite drinks for helping with nausea, both needed to be cold from the fridge, one was 7UP I found the fizziness helped to settle my stomach and had a nice cold refreshing taste. The other favourite was Dry Ginger, again I found the fizziness helped to settle my stomach, and the ginger helped the nausea, and I enjoyed it cold from the fridge.


Due to suffering from morning sickness, I chose to take Seven Seas Pregnancy vitamins, because they were the only ones I could find that had added ginger in them. I tried Pregnacare and Tesco own brand first but they were not helping the nausea, whilst Seven Seas really worked for me to have the added ginger every day.

I also suffered from heartburn in the first trimester so I found Rennie tablets and Gaviscon Advance helped with this.

See my video below on this;


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