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Teething Pic

Top Teething Tips

Teething Pic

Teething can start at any age, and can be different with each baby. Some teeth breaking through are no problem and some cause a lot of pain.

My little boy has suffered greatly with his teeth coming through so I thought I would share some of my top teething tips that what worked for him.

Dribble Bibs

When his first teeth started to come through he used to dribble a lot so I found having lots of bibs on hand was easier than keep changing his top, this was only really at the beginning of teething.


I used a variety of teethers for him, my favourite was Nuby Ice Bite Teether

I generally found the water filled teethers that you put in the fridge the best as they are nice and cool for their gums.

Pain Relief

I tended to use pain relief when his teeth were really bothering him and nothing else was working, I would usually find pain relief could help. You can use Nurofen or Calpol but I personally found Calpol worked the best.

Teething Granules

These come in sachets that you just empty into their mouth. I found this really effective as they relax them too. My favourite teething granules are Ashton & Parsons

Teething Gel

Another great one and so handy to take out in your changing bag too. This I found would always provide instant relief for him as it numbs the gum, it comes in a handy small tube and you just literally rub it straight onto the gum. My favourite one was Detinox

Cooling Snack

I also found that if you cut up some Strawberries out of the fridge that used to help cool his gums down.

Check out my You Tube video on this


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