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Toddler Baking

Toddler Baking

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Baking is such a fun thing to do with your toddler, it’s a nice opportunity to spend one on one time doing a nice activity with them. My 2 year old loves baking he gets so excited, and I enjoy doing it with him. We decided to do some Halloween baking today as we are now only a few days away from Halloween and it’s nice to enjoy the days leading upto it. I bought a Halloween Cupcake kit from Asda George for £1 so thought we would use that.

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I would say one of the best tips I can give for successful toddler baking experience is to keep it simple. My son has only just turned 2 years old and he has a short attention span! Also I have a baby as well so I need the baking to be quick, and have as little cleaning up to do as possible.

My favourite baking to do with my toddler is to make Chocolate Cornflake Cakes, as they are just so quick and easy to make and require minimal ingredients, so they are cheap to make too, and the bonus is there is hardly any cleaning up to do afterwards, Perfect in my book!

Baking 2

All you need is cornflakes, cooking chocolate, cake cases, a mixing bowl, and a wooden spoon.

As they are so easy to make he can join in doing most of it, and he loves licking the spoon and bowl at the end, just as I did when I was a child.

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If you want to know how to make these check out my YouTube video below;

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