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Newborn 5

My Top 10 Newborn Must Haves

I have two children, and so I have been through the newborn baby stage twice. I thought it would be useful for me to share my favourite top 10 items for a newborn baby. This varies hugely from person to person, but this is the items that I personally feel have been important to me to have for my newborn baby. These items are not in a particular order.

1 – Play mat

Newborn 1

I have found the play mat so useful, not only for entertaining my newborn baby, but also for helping them to develop too. The play mat is not just for newborn babies I used this for about the first 8 months until they were sitting up with confidence. I put both my babies on the play mat from about 3 weeks old when they started to be awake more in the daytime and have their eyes open more, and they can look up at the different shapes hanging above them. It is great for a newborn baby who needs to lay flat on their back.The play mat grows with your child as they then begin to start reaching out for the objects hanging and pulling them. The play mat is also great for when they start tummy time too.

2 – Bouncer

 Newborn 2

The bouncer is not really for a newborn baby as they need to be able to hold their properly before using this. But as soon as they can hold their head properly this is great as your baby enjoys being upright and looking around the room. The bouncer is great as well as you can easily carry it around the house with you so they can wash you do the washing up in the kitchen etc.

3 – Video Baby Monitor

Newborn 3

I found the baby video monitor so useful as it meant that you can see your baby while sleeping. Especially as I found that sometimes they just make noise in their sleep, and if I only had sound I would have had to go in and check on them, but with the video monitor you can see they are still asleep and they are ok without disturbing them, and you can even zoom in on the BT Video Baby Monitor to you check they are breathing.

4 Р Muslins

Newborn 4

You would be amazed how many muslins you can get through! Babies are constantly bringing up their milk, and muslins are a lifesaver for a newborn as saves changing your babies outfit and your own clothes as much.

5 – Thermometer

Newborn 5

Having a baby to look after is a big responsibility and we as parents worry about them a lot in those early days, when they are so little and their health is very important. A thermometer is an essential to have on hand so if you are ever concerned if they have a temperature you can easily check yourself. I chose one that you just put under their ear as I found that easier, and you can use it while they are sleeping without waking them.

6- Ewan The Dream sheep

Newborn 6

Ewan The Dream sheep has been a massive help to me for both my babies in helping them get to sleep. Ewan The dream sheep has a red glow which reminds your newborn baby of being in the womb. It plays an adult heartbeat, and a baby heartbeat which again is a noise they will recognise from the womb and will help to soothe them, it also plays a lullaby with a heartbeat too. If you want to know more about this I did a video on this on my YouTube channel so you can check it out below;

7 – Baby Bath Seat

Newborn 7

This bath seat can be used from newborn and I love it I used it with both my babies and it really helped me with bathing them. As it allows you to have both hands free to wash them. I tried the baby bath first but didn’t get on well with it as found it a hassle filling it up and carrying etc and then found it really hard to hold baby in one hand and try to wash them one handed. So this worked better for me. This bath seat is great for the first 6 months before they can sit up on their own.

8 – Nappy Bin

Newborn 8

I found a nappy bin an essential for me. I didn’t use it for every nappy change as the cartridges that go inside it are quite expensive when you are changing 10 nappies a day! I tended to use it in the night if they had a poo as I wouldn’t want to go out to the wheelie bin in the dark in my nightie. Also if it was raining during the day and they had a poo I would use it then for convenience. The rest of the time I used nappy sacks and took them outside to my wheelie bin. If you do that then they don’t work out as expensive.

9 – Baby Sleeping Bag

Newborn 9

I used baby sleeping bags from newborn with both my babies, you can but different sizes that go upto 36 months old. I think they are great for safe comfortable sleeping for your baby. It means you are not worried about them knocking their blanket off in the night and getting cold, it also means at newborn stage you are not worried about a blanket slipping and going over their face.

10 – Breastfeeding Pillow

Newborn 10

Breastfeeding pillow makes feeding your baby so much more comfortable. It helps to support your baby, and can make long feeds more comfortable especially during the night if you are feeding on the bed. The breastfeeding pillow could also be used to help support your baby for bottle feeding too. I found the breastfeeding pillow could also be used for when they first start tummy time, I used it help them learn how to lift their head. It can also be used for the next stage as well when they are learning to sit up on their own, it can help support your baby if they fall back.

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