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Buying My First Home

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Buying My First Home

My first house I bought was a brand new house, I wasn’t thinking of buying a brand new house originally. As a first time buyer I had saved a 10% deposit and I viewed about 20 houses before I found the one I wanted. I was lucky with my brand new house as the house was finished so I was able to walk around it, and the builders had just reduced the price as they were nearly finished on this site and were due to be moving onto their next site soon.

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I just knew when I viewed it I wanted it as it was the first house I had viewed that I totally fell in love with. It ticked all my boxes, I really wanted detached, with a garage and a nice size garden, it was also overlooking a green area and was a corner plot so I loved it. I was in rented accommodation at the time so only had to give 2 months notice to the landlord. I already had my mortgage in principle with my bank HSBC so I was able to move on this quite quickly. I had to pay a deposit to reserve it that day of £200. I was just so excited I could not wait to move into my first house that I actually owned and was mine and I could do whatever I want to it, I could paint the rooms any colour I want, not the usual magnolia walls I had been used to for the years of rented accommodation.

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It took just 8 weeks from the day I decided to take it from the day I moved in both my solicitors and the builders solicitors worked smoothly on it, and everything went really well. I was so happy the day I collected the keys for my first home, we decided to paint first and then moved in the following weekend so we turned up with all our painting stuff and started painting our new living room and our new bedroom purple as it is my favourite colour!


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