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BT Camera 1

BT Video Baby Monitor 630 Review

BT Camera 1

BT Video Baby Monitor 630

I bought the BT Video Baby Monitor 630 for my 2 years olds room when our new baby moved out of our bedroom and into her own room, as I needed to now use his camera for the nursery. I wanted a video camera to be able to still keep an eye on my 2 year old as he had recently moved into a toddler bed. It cost me £60 from Argos at the time.

The BT Video Baby Monitor 630 had the features that I needed, night vision, wall mountable, parent monitor battery and plug in.It also had extra features which I wasn’t too bothered about like lullabies which is more for a baby.

I am writing this review as I am really disappointed in the quality of the BT Video Baby Monitor 630, for £60, I expected better.

The picture on the parent monitor is pretty bad quality, and the night vision in my opinion is terrible quality.

BT Camera 2

The photo above shows the picture with the light on which is not great quality but better than the the night vision mode. I have a nightlight in my boys room, and the night vision mode quality is so bad that I can hardly make him out in his bed, he has a patterned fitted sheet and he wears a patterned Gro Bag and they just blur into each other on this camera so you cant even really see where he is in the bed!

The camera keeps cutting out too where the screen and the sound go off for a second quite frequently. Also I find the battery power is rubbish, at night I have it plugged in while I am asleep charging the battery, but during the daytime I use the battery power when he goes for his daytime nap, but the battery dies really quickly.

I personally as a mum would not recommend the BT Video Baby Monitor 630 to other parents. I hope you have found this review useful. I also reviewed the item on my You Tube Channel, video is below.




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