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Easymat Review

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My 2 year old boy is your typical toddler and loves to make a mess when he is eating, and does the typical toddler thing of picking up his plate and throwing it, and all the contents, on the floor for the fun of it! Although it is not so much fun for me the person cleaning it up!

When he was a baby I used to use the suction bowls you can buy in the shops but he was too strong for them and he saw it as a challenge to pull it as hard as possible until he managed to pull it off, as the suction was never strong enough to stop him.

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We were recently sent the Easymat to try out and review from a company called tots R us this is designed to for mealtimes for children from age 6 months to 4 years old. It is a silicone placemat and divider plate all in one. It has four suction cups in each corner of the mat. It has good size divider sections so plenty of room for your little ones food. The divider sections are nice and deep and are shaped to make a smiley face which helps make mealtimes fun for your little one. It comes in the colours blue, green and pink. I chose blue for my toddler boy.


It comes with a matching silicone spoon, which is perfect if you are baby feeding as it will be nice and soft on their sensitive gums, and it is a good size deep spoon so works for my toddler as he can get a decent amount of food on the spoon.

When the Easymat arrived and I unpacked it I was really pleased with the quality of it felt more sturdy than I had expected. With it being silicone it is really easy to wash.

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My toddler sits in a booster seat that attaches to a chair at the table, so I suctioned the Easymat to our table which is just an Oak Stain Effect table so it suctions fine to it. My toddler like all toddlers loves divider plates so that all his food is separate and he can pick at what food he fancies.

When it arrived I was surprised how big it was, and I was thinking where would I store it but actually it suctions to the inside of my cupboard easily.


My two favourite things about the Easymat are, firstly, that it helps to keep the mess contained so I’m not wiping the table after every mealtime. Secondly, I love that the suction is so strong, and that my toddler can not pull it off the table! And honestly that is saying something as he is pretty strong for a 2 year old! As a baby he always used to pull off his highchair toys that had suction and throw them on the floor! So if you have a child like mine then this is a great solution!

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If you are interested in where you can buy an Easymat they are available from Amazon and you can find out more Info about the Eaymat and similar products on the tots R us website.

The Easymat is currently on offer for £14.99 on Amazon However tots R us have kindly offered my readers 20% off using discount code S849TWZX


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