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Maclaren Techno XT Stroller Review


I bought this buggy when my little boy was 9 months old and I’m still using it and he is 20 months old now, and I totally love it so wanted to write a review on it.

The reasons I decided on this particular buggy were;

Maclaren has been around for years so I felt I trusted the brand and is well known for quality.

It has adjustable handles, and I am tall so wanted a buggy that would suit a tall person.

It has an umbrella fold and I wanted a buggy that was quick and easy to fold and assemble and doesn’t take up much room in the boot of the car, and with the combination of umbrella fold and small wheels this fits nicely in my car boot.

The other features of the Maclaren Techno XT Stroller that I like are;

It has a good size shopping basket below, so you can fit what you need to in there. The only disadvantage of the shopping basket is you can’t access it from the sides you can only access it from the back.

It also has pockets on the back which are great for putting small things loose that you want to be able to grab quickly like your mobile phone, keys, hand gel and wipes.

It is light weight and easy to carry, it has a clip for carrying so it doesn’t come undone whilst carrying it, and a handle to carry it.

The raincover is so quick and easy to fit, so you are not fafffing around getting wet if it rains.

It has a safety wristband that you can wrap around your wrist so you would never lose the buggy out of your grip if windy etc.

Wheels are are very easy to manoeuvre around tight corners etc.


Check out my video on this;


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