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Designing My Toddler Boy’s Bedroom

Designing My Toddler Boy’s Bedroom

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It was time to say goodbye to my baby boys nursery, that we had so lovingly designed whilst I was pregnant at our first house, although it was sad that my baby boy was no longer really a baby, it was exciting to begin the next chapter, the toddler years. As he was nearly 2 years old when we moved house we decided to decorate his room as a toddler boys room.

The first big move was his bed. He had been in a cot bed previously but as I was pregnant with our next child we would be needing a cot bed for her so made sense to upgrade him into a bed. We decided not to buy a toddler bed and then later on have to replace it for a single bed, as that seemed like a waste of money to us. So we bought a single bed from Ikea. It has 2 drawers for storage underneath, which I use for keeping his spare bedding in. We bought a large toddler rail from Tesco to attach to the side of the bed to ensure he couldn’t roll out of bed during the night. We also decided to upgrade him from his current Gro Bag to a duvet and pillow. We decided on Thomas Tank Engine Bedding set as he loves Thomas and would help make the bed exciting for him during this big transition.

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I bought his door sign when we were on holiday in Great Yarmouth it was a small shop making personalised wooden gifts so we got to pick the colour blue for a boy! I know its a bit predictable! But I had already decided to paint his room blue. I thought the rocket was nice as all boys like rockets and it’s not babyish like a teddy or something so a door sign that will last.

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Going with that theme I decided to put planets and stars for a ceiling decoration. It was a set I bought from Amazon. The ceiling has glow in the dark stickers of stars and moons. Then all the planets hang from the ceiling above is bed, some of the planets glow in the dark too. On the wall above his bed he has a personalised name picture which was a gift from a family member when he was born.

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On his wall he has a Crayola letter that I made him for his 1st birthday, obviously he was more excited about his toys at the time! But he likes it now, but wants to take the crayons out and draw with them!

If you are interested in how I made this check out my YouTube video below on this;

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I put 2 white floating shelves on his wall. These were £10 each from Argos so are really for decoration and not anything heavy like books. The good thing about this is I can change what is on the shelves easily, as he grows older and his interests change. At the moment on one shelf I have teddies that he has been bought by us and family. Some of which were when he was first born. The other shelf has a rocket I bought this from M&S, a rugby ball which was a gift from family, and a photo frame with a photo we took when I was pregnant with him whilst on holiday, and we decided on his name, so we wrote it in pebbles on the beach and took a photo.

All his furniture is white in his room, and is all from Ikea he has a white Malm bed and white Malm Drawers. His walls are painted light blue. He has light blue curtains from Next.

If you are interested in seeing a video of his room check out my YouTube video below;

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